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  • Basic Side Mount Full Cave Instructor
  • Geraldine
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First Name
  • Geraldine
  • Name
  • Geraldine Solignac
  • Instructor Levels

    Highest Razor Instructor/Trainer rating
  • Originally from France
  • Ph.D in Environmental chemistry
  • and research scientist. I started cave diving as I first arrived in Mexico in 2010 and technical diving shortly after. A passion was born and along with it a passion for sharing my love for the underwater world with my students.


    Since my first dive

  • I keep learning
  • training and exploring to be the sharpest possible on skills and experience. I believe that cumulating experience and time underwater is the key to pass on and communicate knowledge to my students. I like to offer the best experience possible
  • in the safest and most respectful for the environment way.

    So on my free time

  • I go on with my own training
  • my exploration projects… and dive.

    Dive Experience
    Total Number of dives: 5000+
    Side Mount dives: 3000+
    Cave dives: 700+
    Cavern Dives: 1500+
    Deco dives: 250+
    DPV Dives: 100+
    Trimix Dives: 50+
    CCR Dives: 20+
    Deepest Ocean Dive: 100m/330 ft
    Deepest Cave Dive:102m/335ft