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Cancun is the closest airport to Playa del Carmen. The drive to the Razor headquarter is just about an hour. Most airlines have direct flights to Cancun.

Form the airport it takes you about an hour by bus or taxi. We can organize a transport for you if needed and pick you up at the airport.

Depending on the course or the workshops you plan to take we can tell, what we can rent out to you. We have all gear here but it´s always best to dive and train with your own equipment.

Yes, and the fees are relatively fair if you book in advance and even better on the Internet. Let us know if you plan to rent a car and we can send you some links regarding the rental company.

You can either rent a room at the Razor Summit Headquarter, where a lot of action will be happening or of course you can let us know what you are looking for (from bed & breakfast up to a 5 Star Resort) and we can send you some suggestions.

Cenote: We recommend long wetsuits with a minimum of 5mm for cavern dives and 7mm for courses in technical courses in Cenotes. The high temperature of the jungle and the cool temperature of the Cenote will definitely give you a chill. If you have a dry suit for courses, it will serve you well as you will spend extended time in the water.

Ocean: We recommend long wetsuits with a minimum of 3mm in summer and 5mm in winter. The water temperature are still comfortable but the cold winds in winter makes surface intervals quite chilly and a wind blocker will serve you well. Long wetsuits are mandatory for Wrecks and Bullshark diving.

We are using 11L / 80 cubic feet Aluminium tanks. Nitrox is available.

If you have the chance, bringing your own equipment will surely guarantee your maximum comfort level as you are familiar with it.
If you do not want to or cannot carry your own, we do have quality equipment rentals at your disposal from BCDs with integrated weight systems, regulators, boots and open heels fins, and 5mm long wetsuits.

Cavern Diving

A dive into the ambient light zone at the entrance of a cave.

Yes very safe if you follow a few simple procedures.

No, we stay in the large open areas of the caverns.

A maximum of 4 cavern divers for every guide.

Yes, the Basic Side Mount Opoen Water Diver Course followed by a Cavern Course if you like to go further.

Yes, if you become Cave certified.

No, you can Cavern Dive here all year round.

The minimum water temperature is 25C / 75F all year round.

Crystal clear!
Approximately 60m / 200ft and we want to keep it that way so make sure you practice your buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques.

On average 15m / 45ft
Some sites such as The Pit, Angelita and Zapote are deeper with maximum depths of 60m / 200ft but we will only dive to a maximum depth of 30m / 100ft at these sites.

Average depth in most of the caverns is 6 to 10m / 20 to 35ft

45 – 60 minutes per dive

Water, towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, swimsuit, camera, small amount of cash.
Please do not bring valuable items or lots of cash to the Cenotes.

At most sites yes but not all.

Yes, at the discretion of the guide.

Yes, we provide a video service of course at extra cost for the videographer.

Tips are discretionary and we leave that up to you but 10 to 15% tips are standard.

Easy at most sites, some will require a short walk or the use of a ladder or steps.

Yes, we can arrange a private Guide just for you.

We recommend a minimum of 10 open water dives before your first Cavern dive but the more dives you have the better.
We have suitable Cavern dives for all levels of experience.

Standard open water scuba equipment or of course the Razor Side Mount system preferred 😉

Yes, we can rent out standard Scuba gear. If you would like to dive Side Mount, then we suggest you make the Basic Side Mount Open Water Diver course first with your own Razor system.

We recommend a full length 5mm wetsuit which can be provided if required.

We recommend open heel power fins with dive boots for the walk to the water.

AL80 cuft filled to 3000psi / 210bar with air (or nitrox on request).

210 bar DIN valves that can be easily converted to yoke / int valves with an insert.

Yes if you have a Nitrox certification.

20% less than you use in ocean.
If you use 10lbs in the ocean you will need approx 8lbs in the Cavern.
Your guide will conduct a buoyancy check at start of dive to make sure you are correctly weighted.

No, the water is warm and we would rather that you did not touch anything anyway in this fragile environment.

Ocean Diving