The Stakes are high

Win prizes of a total value of over 20000 USD!

Fathom Gemini

The FATHOM Gemini is split-scrubber design mCCR

Prize worth USD 6160.-

Petrel 3

The PETREL 3 FISCHER gives divers our most connected experience. A stunning, easy-to-read, 2.6” AMOLED display is protected by a toughened glass lens, titanium bezel, and piezo touch buttons.

Air integration is standard with up to four Shearwater transmitters to customize a solution from open circuit to rebreather and bailout gas pressure monitoring.

Safety is increased with a strong vibration alert system, and a user-changeable AA battery offers long dive times and ease of replacement.

Prize worth USD 1535.-

Razor Drysuit

THE Drysuit specific for Side Mount Divers!

The new Razor Drysuit has features you only find on this drysuit. It is specific designed for Side Mount Divers, but allows due to the special pocket design to use it in Backmount as well if demanded.

The winner get´s a made to measure drysuit!

Prize worth USD 3049.-

Freedom+ Full Trimix

Freedom+ computer version for demanding technical divers, who use a helium mixture and a wide variety of decompression gases.

🔻 Limited edition
🔻 Improved electronic design
🔻 Extended battery life that is twice as long as our standard Freedom computer
🔻 Bluetooth connectivity for seamless data transfer
🔻 Compact EVA case for transport
🔻 Option to purchase a Full Trimix to Closed Circuit license

Prize worth USD 729.-

Primary Light L4200

The first primary light with wireless charging!

The new Razor Side Mount Light L4200 Wireless is the result of one year hard testing and redefining the way we use our primary light in cave diving. Like on the Razor Side Mount System we worked hard on details to make this primary light the most powerful, practical and innovative light on the market.

Prize worth USD 1049.-

Razor Wetsuit

3mm Razor Wetsuit

The new Razor Wetsuit is made of 100% Yamamoto Neopren and is super comfotable and warm.
Thanks to the two piece design it is extremly easy to get in and out without compromises in heat protection.

Win a customized Wetsuit with your name on the back!

Prize worth USD 630.-



High visibility, hardwearing waterproof duffel bags in the typical Razor design, highly visible whether on the airport conveyor belt or at the entrance to the cave system.

Prize worth USD 169 each

5 x MiFlex XT-Tech Hose Set for Side Mount

Developed specifically for technical and professional divers, the XT-Tech hoses have a smooth outer layer and reduced flexibility compared to the Xtreme hoses.

Prize worth USD 145.- each

50 x Eezycut Trilobite

All Black TRILOBITE with Black Velcro

The forefront of Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T.) dynamics and design, the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE was developed for divers, mariners, mountaineers, extreme sports adventurers and rescue service providers who demand a tool that delivers a swift, safe, efficient cut.

Prize worth USD 29.95 each

3 x Sidemount PRO Line SLS-T-L Valve Nitrox 232 bar set

Nautec valves are not only a piece of art but at the same time super high quality made with some special features you can`t find on any other valves. No wonder that cave divers love them.

Prize worth USD 440.- each set
5 x RAZOR Backup Light BL1200V2

The new, rechargeable Razor LED Backup Light is made of durable aluminum Alloy and waterproof up to 100m depth.

Prize worth USD 105.- each


The roll top closure is simple to use, and a small internal pocket ensures that keys and small items do not end up at the bottom of the bag.
In addition it has a seperate Notbook compartment on the inside. Volume 35 litres so perfect to fit your needs in all activities.

Prize worth USD 90 each


High visibility, hardwearing waterproof duffel bags in the typical Razor design, highly visible whether on the airport conveyor belt or at the entrance to the cave system.

Prize worth USD 120 each

Razor Duffel Bag 90L
RAZOR Finimeter-Set BAR

The complete Side Mount set comes with 2 pressure gauges, spools and 6″ high pressure hoses.

Prize worth USD 169.-