Maya Blue Dive Center




A Breath Taking Dive Experience

Maya Blue specializes in exploring cenotes. No matter what your interest, we have something for everyone. If you haven’t been in the water for a while or want to explore your very first cenote? No worries, we have elite-instructors committed to the highest industry standards to ensure superior training and guiding.

  • Official Razor Dealer
  • IANTD, TDI and TecRec Facility
  • Five-Star PADI Dive and Freedive Center
  • Mixed gases available
  • Over 10 units CCR-Training
  • Entry-level to CCR-Cave instructor
  • Creating personal experiences
  • Purpose built facility
  • Most comprehensive standards
  • Continuous quantity control
  • Conveniently located
  • Environmental commitment
  • Diversity of programs
  • Sound diving practices
  • Elite staff
  • Premium equipment


Cenote and cavern diving

Like every adventure worth embarking on, Maya Blue has taken a lot of effort, work and dedication from all involved in its development. We set out to create something unique that offered our long-time and new customers an alternative to explore Mexico´s ancient Cenotes from a purpose-built, dedicated facility located in the heart of the Riviera Maya.
Maya Blue is a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort and Freediving Center. We can accommodate any experience level and organize a personalized, bespoke itinerary for you.
If you haven´t been diving in a while, want to learn to dive or want to take more advanced training, there is no better place


Cave diving, overhead training and exploration

Darkzone Diving is Maya Blue´s dark side alterego. A top-notch diving and training facility, set up to accommodate all levels of overhead diving. Our training programs demand strong foundations with high levels of awareness, upon which we progressively built. We utilize an elite cast of well-known educators and explorers for either a week of ever-challenging fun diving or the next level of training.

Darkzone Diving is an accredited training facility through the world´s most recognized technical training organizations and extended choice of equipment and support. Dark Zone Diving has everything under one roof.


CCR Rebreather (cave) diving

Is rebreather diving right for you? Do you want to dive deeper and longer? Or maybe you want to have more versatility, greater comfort with warm breathing and low gas use? Have you ever thought what it’s like to get close to wild-life without bubbles?

The Rebreather Academy is a premier dive operation created for and that focuses exclusively on, CCR-diving. Your comfort and safety will come first and foremost! We dedicate ourselves fulltime to offer the latest, cutting-edge rebreather training, support and exploration. We want to share our passion with you.

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