Divers Underground
Km 266 Federal Hwy 307
Entrance of Cenote Jardin Del Eden in front of Barcelo Hotel Riviera Maya
Xpu Ha, Puerto Aventuras



A Little History About Us…

Camilo, TDI, Razor, PADI TecRec and PADI Diving Instructor, took his first breaths underwater in Canada 12 Years ago.

Camilo has come very far from those first breaths underwater in a pool in Calgary!  Everyone’s passion starts somewhere, and he is one of the lucky ones that remembers exactly when and where!  Funny story really, Camilo needed a break from his everyday life in Canada, working long hours and with good pay.  So, what does everyone do when they need a break?  They book a vacation with friends!  One of his friends, already a certified diver wanted to go to Playa del Carmen to dive, so Camilo signed up for an Open Water Course in Calgary.  After his first pool session, (in CANADA!) he went home and googled how to become a Scuba Diving Instructor!  Fact is, he didn’t find his passion in the beautiful Caribbean or in the Cenotes that he loves so much, but in a swimming pool!  To make a long story short, after his trip to the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen) he decided to move there and follow his passion and became a PADI Open Water Instructor in early 2008!  As he worked in the Dive Industry, gaining experience and expanding his Dive Knowledge and furthering his growth and Dive Leader Levels, he began to realize that he did not want to work for a big boss anymore…

….and that is how Divers UnderGround came about…..

In 2012, Camilo, finally made his dream a reality, doing something he loved and not work for other people!  He wanted to share his passion and enthusiasm for the underwater world!