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Nov 29 - 30 2023


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Exploration Days

Expedition Dives

For Expedition Dive we mean cave diving activity in all those caves located over the classic or touristic circuit, far from paved roads, reacheble only by walking in the jungle carrying the diving equipment.

This type of activity could be strenuous, as walking in the jungle is not likewise to walk on a paved road; often the access to the water could be not easy, due to the fact that those cenotes have never been open to the public.
Actually in these caves have been only few divers, and in some passage just the explorer; this gives you the view of a virgin cave.

There is a bearers service, dedicated to the cyilinders transportation only.

Expedition Dives is an activity dedicated only for sidemount divers.

Expedition cave dive Elevated prerequisites are necessary in order to cope with the difficulties of approaching:

A minimum of 100 logged cave dives
Excellent buoyancy
Good experience with sidemount equipment
Fitness enough to walk the required distance carrying the weight corresponding to all the equipment (except cylinders)
DAN insurance which covers technical diving activity or equivalent

Personal equipment necessary for each participant:

A backpack of sufficient capacity to contain two S80 cylinders
A backpack of sufficient capacity to contain the entire set of diving equipment
Boots for comfortable walking in the jungle
Long trousers
Insect repellent

Before to book for Expedition Dives, divers have to demonstrate their level of skill during at least a day of guided dives. Maximum number of participants is two divers.
expedition cave dive

List of cenotes available for Expedition Dives and their walking distance:

Cenote Chun Che Chen – 200 m
Cenote Wa Baax Yan – 300 m
Cenote Zukunoob Noh – 360 m
Cenote Pepem Actun – 450 m
Cenote Gran Zapote – 550 m
Cenote Ka Eeb – 750 m
Dzonot Much – 750 m
Cenote Kaax Pirix – 1200 m
Cenote Maravilia – 1350 m
Cenote Xuux – 1500 m
Cenote Kuuxum – 1600 m
Cenote Mul Tun – 1800 m

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