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Nov 30 2023


7:00 am - 6:00 pm




Exploration Days

Blue Hole (20 km offshore)

Price: $299 Includes: Exploration Dive Guide and Transportation from Maya Blue to the Blue hole
Excludes: Equipment and gases

Prepare for a unique journey to explore one of the most unique ocean caves. After a boat ride of 20 km offshore get ready to descent to 30 meters. Astonishing will see the sinkhole in the middle of the ocean floor opening up.

This will be the starting point to of an epic exploration into one of the very few deep ocean blue holes that still virtually is unexplored. Plunging in the abyss as the sinkhole becomes wider in diameter. The cave will increase in depth all the way down to at least 100 meters. Where there is believed to be another horizontal passage. Are you getting excited to explore and find out where this blue hole really goes?


  • Full Cave Diver
  • Certified Advanced Trimix Diver or Rebreather Hypoxic
  • Minimum 50 Full Cave dives
  • Minimum 50 Trimix dives

Last dive within 6 months


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